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...who's idea was that !

Ashton MTB was founded in 1992 by Brian Bunn, Clive Daws and John Marcer.

Since the keep fit classes that they had been attending in the village hall were only being held during the winter, they were looking for a way to keep fit during the summer months and decided that cycling would be the way to do it.

So one night a week, on their road bikes, they would cycle all the back lanes around Alderton, Winchcombe, Stanway, Stanton and up onto the Cotswolds.  There were no pub stops, it was back to Clive's for tea, coffee and biscuits, and perhaps a beer.

The group soon swelled in numbers, and for the first few years the original group found new routes to ride one evening per week during the summer, and the occasional week end excursion during the winter. They also took part in organised rides both off-road and on-road, including a 100 mile Enduro ride near Salisbury plain.

Gradually the very basic bikes of the early years began being replaced by hybrid bikes, and then more sophisticated mountain bikes, which in turn spurred the group on to tackle more adventurous terrain.


...what's happened since
After a few years the numbers increased as other people became aware of Ashton MTB and joined in the rides. Since then many riders have come and gone, and the mix of the regular group is continuously changing.

We have been very fortunate over the years to have been joined by a large number of riders of all abilities, from those who just enjoyed riding in beautiful countryside, socialising and keeping fit, to the more serious, competitive riders always looking for new outrageous and extreme challenges know who you are !

We have enjoyed the company and friendship of all the riders who have joined us over the years, which has resulted in a new social network. We are especially grateful to those riders who have contributed significantly to the development and success of Ashton MTB, whether it was planning and guiding rides, organising teams for national events, providing technical help or just making us roll around with laughter !

Although we like taking part in events and enjoy a challenge, the emphasis is always on having fun. As for those members of the original group - we're certainly not getting any younger, but still enjoy riding as much as ever, and look forward to meeting you if would like to join us.

Founder Members
Ashton MTB Founder Members
John Marcer, Clive Daws and Brian Bunn

Reunion Ride
Ashton MTB Original Members Reunion Ride
L to R: Clive Stubbs, Brian Bunn, Alan & Fay Bennet, Pete Woodcock, Martin Holland and John Marcer
(not present: Clive Daws, Martin Kibler)
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